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SFNTOS History
SFNTOS History

SFNTOS hopes this instrument will be used and appreciated by many for generations to come, and that many great artists will come perform and/or record on it.

First Church of the Nazarene

Below are some pictures of donors assisting with the early portions of the renovation, as well as a link to SFNTOS' presence on social networking site Facebook.

SFNTOS thanks the many volunteers who have kept the instrument going until a renovation could be effected and who have contributed countless hours and expertise to the renovation project, including;
Wyatt and Wanda Aller, Dick Erb, Ken and Carol Fuller, Helene Guider, Kathy Hester, Roger and Janice Long, George Perks, Tom Quest, Scott Robinson, Gordon and Jeanette Smith, Gene Sutherland, Tom and Christi Swearingen, Glen and Barbara Weatherly and Vicki Wintersteen.

Click here for more renovation pictures by Kathy Hester.

Most photos by Kathy Hester/SFNTOS

Spokane First Nazarene Theatre Organ Society (SFNTOS), a chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS), was created in June 2007 to "Preserve Spokane's Only Community-Accessible Theatre Organ", located in Spokane, Washington's First Church of the Nazarene.

Our mission is to share this historic instrument - the oldest of its type that we know of in public service - with the church and community members, introducing new people to this uniquely American art form.

SFNTOS provides a chance for all who are interested in the Theatre Organ to come together quarterly for Open Console sessions. Volunteers can play and experience the grandeur of the Mighty Wurlitzer; tour the blower room and for those who wish to climb the ladder, the pipe chambers, where you can view pipes from the size of a small pencil up to the 32 foot wooden Diaphones standing behind the pipe chambers.

Starting in 2006, our Wurlitzer is being refurbished little by little strictly by donations from within and without the church. This is its first complete refurbishment since installation in the Seattle Liberty Theatre in 1914. The pipes have all been cleaned, chests repaired, new armatures installed and a new relay and combination action has been installed.

When the renovation is completed, this will be the first time since leaving the theatre that all the original pipes will be playing. The instrument was featured to great effect in the Overture concert of the ATOS National Convention on June 28, 2010 and appeared in the March/April and May/June 2010 issues of THEATRE ORGAN, the ATOS journal.


All donations (made to SFNTOS) are tax-deductible:
Spokane First Nazarene Church of the Nazarene
9004 N. Country Homes Blvd., Spokane, WA 99218.

Curator Clint Meadway, right, swabs the interior of a metal pipe while being assisted by Wyatt Aller and Carol Fuller.
Friends of the Wurlitzer and SFNTOS members clean pipes in the summer of 2006. All pipes were cleaned to ensure proper speech and sound.
Meadway, right, gives orders to President Ken Fuller (in the striped shirt), Glen Weatherly (center) and Treasurer Wyatt Aller (green shirt). Curator Russ Evans straightens out one of many dented pipes.
Curators Meadway and Evans repair and refurbish reed pipework. Christy Swearingen and Barb Weatherly wire the new Syndyne Relay and combination action. Gordon Smith installs new magnets in a windchest. Look at the low headroom!
Arlen Knutson wires the new 35HP blower motor, which replaced the original 30HP DC unit. The five-blade Spencer blower came from the Seattle Coliseum Theatre, since the original 20HP Kinetic went down with the building.
Tom Swearingen helps install and wire the new relay and driver boards in the Foundation chamber.
1984 photo of President Ken Fuller at the console. Note the full-length stoptabs on the rear backrail, which rendered the Solo manual well nigh unplayable. These have since been replaced.